Boulderfest 2014 Recap

Dover Island saw another successful Boulderfest this year, completing the negative trifecta of a successful event: no rain, no accidents and no overflowing porta-potties (thanks Rob). Once again we had a mix of local and extra-provincial climbers and a LOT of first timers, including a handful of youngsters that showed all the crusty old folks how to get it done.

A big thanks goes out to our volunteers, especially Buck North, Miles and those two guys who carried the kegs from the boat to the kitchen. We’d like to send an electronic round of applause out to Rod and Giz for ferrying everyone back and forth all weekend. Finally, our sponsors killed it again with great prizes and support; Boulderfest wouldn’t be the great event it is without them so thanks again to:

  • The Trail Shop
  • Propeller
  • Ground Zero
  • Evolv

We also had the lovely and talented Katrina Pyne on hand to shoot some footage for a short film we’ll be showing everyone in the next few months. You can check out more of her work here: http://katrinapyne.com/


Jeff Zwicker getting some air at the warmup wall

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make the event better (or stuff you really liked) you can reach us at climbnovascotia@gmail.com. Otherwise, see ya’ll next year!