Our very own Todd Foster has done some amazing work at Trout Cove with help from a few other developers. Below is a recap of what Todd sent us:

The top of the crag has two rap stations that provide access to all the route top anchors. They were installed by individuals from SARTEC. We replaced the the washers and nuts with stainless hardware to make sure they last as long as possible.

Three routes had bolts that were very very very rusted. We attempted with varying degrees of success to remove the rusty bolts and reuse holes where possible. Generally bolts did not come out fully before snapping so new holes were drilled.

  • “Tassez Vous D’La -5.10a” has 3 titanium bolts and anchors
  • “La Fille Du Soleil – 5.11d” has 3 titanium bolts and anchors
  • “Grease Monkey – 5.12c” still has old bolts but will be replaced soon