Reel Rock 12: November 26, 2017

Survey time:

Do you like the following?

  • Sketchy whippers with primo crater potential
  • A tarpless Ralph Lauren model falling into the ocean a lot
  • People trying hard through a cycle of failure/failure/success
  • Gender equality at the performance pinnacle of the sport
  • People with fewer than 4 functional limbs burning you off your proj
  • Beer and snacks for cash
  • Awkward MC’ing
  • Award winning architecture
  • No annoying alpine-style ‘Imma freeze and die in this tent but mountains are life’ movies

If you answered yes to at least two of the above, you NEED to join CNS and the rest of the climbing community on November 26, at 6:30pm at the Halifax Central Library. Dress code is ‘puffy jacket and scuffed approach shoes.’

Tickets available for $15 ONLY online, as the library now has a ‘no ticket sales at the door’ policy.

Purchase tickets here:

If you’re new to the climbing community, this is where you pick up all the hot slang to use at the gym while you’re trying to convince someone that you know what you’re doing so they take you outside for the first time. Show up and take notes.