The property owner for the road accessing, and land surrounding, Neverland in Musquodoboit, has contacted us to communicate that ALL public access on that property, including for climbing, is closed immediately.

We ask that you respect the land owners wishes and not return to Neverland. We realize this is disappointing for some of you but we need to respect the landowner and not return. Please tell anyone who you think might be interested in Neverland as this closure is effective immediately.

Thank you.

As the climbing community grows, we must manage our impact and presence at other crags/trails on privately owned land. At the rest of our crags, please respect parking, road access, trail access, and of course, maintain strict Leave No Trace principles. Car pool when possible to reduce traffic at parking, and if a crag seems full, please climb somewhere else. Our use of outdoor crags is fully dependent on the climbing community maintaining excellent relationships with all stakeholders, including property owners, government and the general public. Please do your part.