Instructor Bios

Jamie Simpson

Jamie has been climbing cliffs for longer than he’s willing to admit.  He was mentored on the granite of Welsford New Brunswick, and has since climbed rock in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Maine, New Hampshire, Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, Bugaboos, Squamish and Mexico.  He climbs sport routes, loves multi-pitch trad, and has been known to boulder on occasion.  Jamie has introduced numerous new climbers to adventuring safely in the vertical world.  When not climbing, Jamie makes time for his work as a lawyer, writer and educator.

Mick Levin

Mick is a lawyer and arctic expedition guide who has been climbing for over a decade on many adventures within and without the province, as well as around the globe. He has been actively involved with Climb Nova Scotia since 2008, most recently as Access Champion where he works with landowners, climbers, NGOs, and government to promote sustainable practices and preserve access to climbing areas in Nova Scotia. Mick has been responsible for developing many new sport climbs, traditionally protected routes, and boulder problems within the province and he derives immense joy from scrubbing lichen with a wire brush.

Brendan Konowal

Brendan was first introduced to the sport of climbing at an early age, but his serious rock climbing experience began around 2000 with bouldering, top-roping, sport and trad climbing. Early on, Brendan quickly developed a love and appreciation for the many disciplines of rock climbing and found himself uniquely drawn to the intensity, beauty, and connection of higher multi-pitch summits.

While setting his sights on new climbing goals, he also set his sights on a career path that would allow him to share his passion with others.  It wasn’t long after pursuing studies in Outdoor Adventure/Education that the art of climbing instruction naturally followed suit. Brendan began to hone and focus his skills both as a climber and as a teacher, and soon found himself working in a professional setting high above the ground.

Over the years he has taught in many climbing venues from indoor rock gyms, to multi-pitch summits.  His professional teaching/guiding experience is focused around top-rope, sport, and multi-pitch traditional climbing up to grade III-IV.

Brendan holds a B.S. degree in Resource Management, has held certifications from a variety of organizations including the AMGA, SOLO, and the American Red Cross, and he is no stranger to applying his training in a number of unfortunate climbing situations.

As an educator, Brendan brings with him a strong desire to connect his students with the deeper experiences that climbing can offer and hopes to create more well-rounded individuals in the process.  When he is not climbing, Brendan can usually be found with his other passion, practicing and honing the arts of traditional/survival living. Aside from climbing, Brendan has been a teacher/instructor of wilderness skills, survival education, and Kali/JKD martial arts for many years.  He is no stranger to working in the outdoor field, leading group trips and teaching in an outdoor setting.