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Erosion prevention in the LOC

Climb Nova Scotia volunteers recently installed erosion prevention measures to protect ecologically sensitive marshland in the popular Land of Confusion bouldering area. Two hundred feet of raised boardwalk now span the sphagnum bog on the approach to Memorial boulder. This infrastructure prevents erosion and protects flora such as the beautiful pitcher plant from damage caused […]

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Ice Fest 2016 – CANCELLED

ICE FEST 2016 CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF ICE CNS Ice Fest 2015 will be held Sunday February 28th from 10:30am-4:30pm at Colby-Irving Falls and Black Hole Falls, in Canning, NS! Come on down and try out ice climbing for the first time or sharpen your tools and show the newbies how it’s done – […]

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Fire ban at Main Face

Please do not make fires when visiting or camping out at Main Face, remember to pack out everything you brought in with you, and pick up any trash you find. Climb Nova Scotia was approached by one of the property owners who is concerned with the risk of forest fire on his land due to […]


Conflicts of interest and what we do about it

Climb Nova Scotia relies on volunteer efforts of individuals within our tight-knit community of climbers. It is not uncommon that one or more members of the CNS Board may have a personal interest, or know someone who has a personal interest, in the outcome of decisions made on behalf of the organization. Since board members […]

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Earth Bones Climbing Kickstarter

Nova Scotia climber and entrepreneur David MacMillan has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter to generate revenue and hype for his business, Earth Bones Climbing. Earth Bones makes custom bouldering pads right here in Nova Scotia. Climb Nova Scotia is very appreciative of Earth Bones’ support at Boulderfest 2015 where they made demo pads […]