Boulderfest 2018!

Boulderfest is Sold Out!

Tickets for Boulderfest 2017 are sold out. If you’re still interested, check out Facebook page to see if anyone is selling their tickets.

Boulderfest 2017 Tickets Now Available

Boulderfest 2017 Ticket Info!

Boulderfest 2016 Tickets Now Available

Fill out the information below and pay with PayPal while there are still tickets available. (only 55 are available)

How old are you?
What size shirt do you wear?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you hold a ticket for me?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Where is Boulderfest?
A: Boulderfest is held on Dover Island, 1km offshore from West Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada, which is in North America, which is on Earth. Driving directions from Halifax, Nova Scotia are here.

Q: What do I get for my weekend pass ticket fee?
A: Transportation to and from Dover Island, parking on the mainland, dinner on Saturday night, coffee and breakfast on Sunday morning, an event t-shirt and goodie bag, the chance to win lots of awesome prizes, and the sickest bouldering you’ve ever seen

Q: Will you mail me a physical ticket before the event?
A: No. We will have a list of Boulderfest ticket holders on the day of the event and we will give you an event wristband before you get on the boat. The Trail Shop and Paypal will each issue you with a receipt at the point of purchase – keep this and consider bringing a copy with you to the event.

Q: Why do I need an event wristband?
A: All non-competitive prize draws will be based on your wristband number. Don’t lose your wristband – it gets you food and the number on it will be used to draw for fantastic door prizes!

Q: What is not included?
A: You must bring your own water, climbing equipment, camping gear, snacks, camera, and appropriate clothing. A full list of suggested supplies will be emailed to you before the event if you buy a ticket.

Q: How many tickets are available for the weekend?
A: Less than 100. Dover Island is a fragile ecosystem and too many people out there at one time can cause irreparable damage to the flora and fauna.

Q: Can I bring my dog and some glass bottles to Boulderfest?
A: No. Dogs are not permitted at Boulderfest. Please do not bring glass bottles to Boulderfest, you will be asked to leave them on the mainland.

Q: I am under the age of 18, can I still come to Boulderfest?
A: Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Each attending parent must also purchase a ticket in order to accompany their child. This requirement is for the safety and enjoyment of all participants and is not negotiable.

Q: What if I buy a ticket and then don’t want it anymore?
A: There will be NO REFUNDS on Boulderfest tickets UNLESS THE EVENT IS CANCELED. You may sell your ticket to someone else as long as you notify Climb Nova Scotia who you have sold it to so we can email them event details. The person you sell it to will get the t-shirt size you ordered.

Q: Where can I sell or buy an unwanted ticket?
A: CNS suggests using the forums to sell or buy unwanted tickets, or try posting on the Climb Nova Scotia Facebook wall. Please remember to let CNS know when tickets are bought or sold so that the ticket-holder’s name and email makes it onto our list.

Q: I don’t have a credit card, how can I buy a ticket?
A: Paypal can bill your bank account directly; a credit card is not required. If you don’t trust the banks and keep all of your money under your mattress, you will need to put on your tinfoil anti-mindcontrol hat and go to the Seven Bays Bouldering in Halifax to pay with cash.

Q: Isn’t this climbing stuff dangerous?
A: Yes, it certainly can be. You are responsible for your own safety while on Dover. All participants will be required to sign a waiver on the day of the event before being allowed on the island. You can read and sign the waiver ahead of time here.

Boulderfest Early Bird Tickets are SOLD OUT

Early bird tickets are now sold out! Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for when the online tickets are available online on July 7th at 9:00 am.

Boulderfest 2016 Early-Bird Tickets

Boulderfest 2016 early-bird tickets can be purchased exclusively at SEVEN BAYS BOULDERING, from 10am Monday 4th July for $60 (cash only).

Anyone under 18 that purchases a Boulderfest ticket must also have at least one of their parents purchase a ticket to ensure a legal guardian is present on Dover Island as this is required by CNS.

Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.

New online waivers must be signed before ANY tickets can be purchased. Go here to complete your waiver beforehand:

Boulderfest 2016

Boulderfest 2015

Now approaching its 15th Anniversary, Boulderfest is a mainstay among East Coast climbers and has been steadily increasing its reach further afield. Bouldefest sold out in a record breaking 22hrs, the 85 lucky climbers from as close as Prospect to afar as Calgary enjoyed this year’s almost too perfect weather on Dover Island. The sun came out, stayed out, and aside from a blusterySaturday evening the sendage was as high as the thermometer. As always the blood-orange full harvest moon made for an eerie setting on our night sessions.


The introduction of a new mini V-grade competition encouraged people to really check out those obscure climbs and avoid traffic at the high-value areas like The Bear and The Wave. The winner of this year’s competition ended up leaving with a brand new crash pad from a local company called Earth Bones Climbing! The Trail Shop, Evolv, Seven Bays Bouldering, Ground Zero & Bandha Bar were also on hand to ensure that everyone left with at least something. We don’t remember prizing quite like it, and after a stomach filling supper, the kegs were cracked and a great night session ensued.

Another notable difference was the amount of activity in and around the camp site area. New lines were being sighted, sent and flailed on! Perhaps the heat encouraged those guys to stay closer to the shade of the tents? Either way, new lines on Dover Island are always welcome.

Earth Bones CEO David MacMillan hands off the Boulderfest 2015 grand prize to lucky winner Jack Bennet

Earth Bones CEO David MacMillan hands off the Boulderfest 2015 grand prize to lucky winner Jack Bennet

Next year Boulderfest will be 15 years old! It may seem hard to believe but the youngest climber on the island this year was not even born when the original event was held out at Prospect the first year. That makes for some exciting and enlightening statistics when you consider how a growing youth and new-climber population is helping to continue to grow the sport in the province.
We would love to hear from our members as to what they think Climb Nova Scotia could do to make 15 years stand out? We already have more fireworks on the list, so that suggestion doesn’t count!
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Earth Bones Climbing Kickstarter

Nova Scotia climber and entrepreneur David MacMillan has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter to generate revenue and hype for his business, Earth Bones Climbing. Earth Bones makes custom bouldering pads right here in Nova Scotia.

Climb Nova Scotia is very appreciative of Earth Bones’ support at Boulderfest 2015 where they made demo pads available all weekend and donated products including the grand prize: a one-of-a-kind CNS bouldering pad!

Earth Bones CEO David MacMillan hands off the Boulderfest 2015 grand prize to lucky winner Jack Bennet

Earth Bones CEO David MacMillan hands off the Boulderfest 2015 grand prize to lucky winner Jack Bennet

If you are in the market for a new bouldering pad, chalk bag, interested in getting your existing pad restuffed, or just want to support an enthusiastic and innovative local business, please head over to the Earth Bones Climbing Kickstarter page and make a pledge. The campaign wraps up on September 3rd so you would get your new pad right in time for fall sending temps!

Come on out to the CNS Thursday Night Bouldering Series any time this season if you want a hands-on demo of Earth Bones top quality products!