Meet the Executive Team of Climb Nova Scotia

Anne Giles
A small human with a big personality. Spends most of her time hanging off a rope. Has two teenagers she thinks are the coolest humans. Often dreams of mountains and big adventures.
Mick Levin
Access Chair
In touch with the music of todays urban youth, hella core strength, the beard is the law, armed and dangerous biceps
Samantha MacDonald
Started climbing as a way to keep moving after finishing my varsity career in soccer and haven’t looked back. If I’m not training for my next competition or projecting outside you can find me behind the lenses of my camera.
Kelly Buchanan
Communications Master
Sometimes known as ‘The Best Second in Nova Scotia’ because he can follow any pitch, be it rock, ice or choss, and stay out all day in terrible conditions with little to no actual climbing without complaining. He sends hard when the mood strikes, but the tradeoff might be cams that are either welded into cracks or sent sailing from the top. Kelly is the current Cape Breton representative on the board. You can tell by the way he seems to know every single person at Seven Bays Bouldering and will chat with each of them while flashing blues on two busted ankles. He’s also a master of the dreaded Cape Breton finishing move, ‘The Drop-In,’ so if you happen to strike up a conversation with a friendly stranger at the gym, be warned that he is likely to show up at your house unannounced, will not take his shoes off at the door, and will lure you to go climbing with a promise of a rope and rack already in his trunk.
Vanessa Burns
Vanessa Burns Community Outreaching
Professional schmoozer, cool mom, known to send routes while humming the Pina Colada song, will dance anywhere anytime, is rarely without a smile and is definitely one of the most stoked climbers at the crag. Motto - "The best climber is the one having the most fun"
Veronica Sweeney
Social Media Rockstar
Thanks to my mom I’ve been climbing since age 14 and haven’t (really) stopped since. I moved to Halifax from Winnipeg in Sept 2019 to climb amazing ocean side boulders and avoid -50 winters. I love the places and people climbing has exposed me to and I am excited for this new chapter in Nova Scotia. If you see me at the gym or the crag, please come say hi as I’m always down to make more climbing friends!
Sean Stager
Number cruncher, new dad, started as a plastic puller but not afraid to lose some skin on granite. If there’s a tall-guy beta - he will find and exploit it.
Todd Foster
Guidebook Guru
Todd has been been climbing and active in the Nova Scotia climbing scene for over 20 years. He is a prolific route developer, producer of the climbing film “Eastern Tide”, and co-author of Nova Scotia’s most recent guidebook. Needles to say, he’s invested in our little community.
Shu Sing
Youth Liaison
I love being outside with awesome people and climbing brings me outside and around the world with some of the coolest people. As a shift worker, my availability is either always never and/or nothing in between, but that also means you can literally call me anytime! If it‘s nice out, find me outside I’ll always have snacks and a pretty dope first aid kit. If you‘re at the gym and need a baby sitter I’ll gladly share a cuddle. I’m all about inspiring the next generation and sharing all the amazing things that climbing has given to me.