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Introduction to climbing outside

Picture this: You meet someone you vibe with, really CONNECT with, and you want to take it to the next level, know what I mean? So you’re talking, and they’re all like ‘hey I want to get high,’ and you’re all like ‘nah, no 420 for me,’ but then you realize they’re pointing up in the air and making rock climbing movements. You don’t have the skills to pay the bills. You need to learn how to tie a figure 8, build a top rope anchor, and most importantly, not kill you and your new best friend. What do you do? You already know what the f it is – sign your name on the ‘Introduction to Climbing Outside’ course wait list and CNS will give you first dibs at signing up. Tell your new friend to cool it, you’ll take care of them soon.

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Introduction to trad climbing

Have you ever thought ‘top roping and sport leading are just too cheap, safe, logistically simple, and make my pack TOO LIGHT while I hike into easily accessible, really fun crags with a bunch of my friends?’ Do you then think ‘I have an extra thousand dollars sitting around for gear and want to be able to take longer to climb easier routes in a much more dangerous style, on dirty rock, with a heavy pack, with just one crusty friend, while my fingers get weaker and weaker, meaning I’m forever alienated from sport and bouldering?’ If this sounds like you, sign up for our ‘Introduction to trad climbing’ course, where you’ll learn how to place and evaluate gear so that you can have a pants-soakingly terrifying time on 15m of 5.8.

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Self rescue

Did you completely forsake anything that’s remotely fun about climbing in favour of choosing routes that take all day, in out-of-the-way locations, where the possibility of rescue is nil? If so, you need to take our Self Rescue course. This course teaches you that remote multi-pitch climbing is suuuuuuper dangerous, and will give you some of the skills you need to lower your incapacitated partner to the ground so they can bleed out on flat terrain rather than hanging rag-dolled from their harness. Best paired with wilderness first aid and a rescue beacon. Seriously, climbing is dangerous and you should know what happens when shit hits the fan. This course is only for experienced trad leaders so put it on your bucket list.

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