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Min. Grade:
Max. Grade:
Climbing Type:
Minimum Rating:
Minimum Height:
Maximum Height:
Crag Topo Route Type Grade Rating Height
Raptor Crag 5 Project Trad
Raptor Crag 4 Project Trad
Raptor Crag 3 I joined the Tripod Army Trad 5.7 ** 26m
Raptor Crag 2 Path of Totality Trad 5.10a *** 21m
Raptor Crag 1 Apoplex Trad 5.10a *** 22m
First Face Endorphinator Mixed 5.10c
The Castle 504 Watch Tower - Humpty Trumpty Sport 5.10b
The Castle 503 Watch Tower - Into the Breach Trad 5.8
The Castle 502 Watch Tower - Taming the Shrew Sport 5.10b
The Castle 501 Watch Tower - Courage Sport 5.11a
The Castle 207 Keep - Murder Hole Sport 5.9
The Castle 205 Keep - Castle Breach Trad 5.8
The Castle 202 Keep - The Ordeal Sport 5.11a
The Castle 104 Gatehouse - Battleslam Sport 5.13a
The Castle 1 The Moat - Use Your Magic Beans Sport 5.9
Sorrows End Things We Do For Love Trad 5.10c 15m
Sorrows End 18.375 Enjoyment Assurance Sport 5.11a
The Castle 201 Keep - Release the Hounds Sport 5.10a 13m
The Castle 103 Gatehouse - The Golden Egg Sport 5.12a *** 11m
The Castle 204 Keep - Wizards of the Castle Sport 5.9
Columbus Wall Stand By Your Man Mixed 5.11a
Columbus Wall Viewer Discretion Is Advised Sport 5.10b
Bug City 6.5 Paranoid Trad 5.7
Old Mill Unplanned Ejection Sport 5.10a
Old Mill Prop Wash Sport 5.9+
Old Mill
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