Main Face Trail Update

After meeting someone working outside on the land just behind the house that you pass as you hike up the first big hill, climbers have been asked to use a side trail that cuts off into the woods just before where the little greenhouse was last season.

The trail is marked very well with flagging tape and has been cleared of most branches and trees. It takes you directly up to the top of that first large hill instead of cutting around it through an area that is now being used as a Sugar-bush. It re-joins the trail that has always been used just as it begins to head down the section that is always muddy and wet, especially now in case you were wondering.

Happy climbing!



Thursday Night Bouldering is back!!!

Every Thursday climbers will meet at the Armdale Rotary in the parking lot in front of St. James Church at 6pm sharp!  From there climbers will carpool to the climbing area scheduled for that evening.

Climbers of all skill levels are welcome! This is a great way to discover new bouldering spots and get to know other climbers.

Make sure you wear appropriate footwear as you will likely get your feet swamped at least once.  A flashlight or headlamp is always handy as we sometimes hike out after dark.  Dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and bring climbing shoes, chalk and a crash pad if you have them.  Be prepared to chip in for gas if you’re catching a ride with someone – it’s always appreciated.

8 – Club Night at MEC*
15 – Corn & Bung
22 – Nouveau Riche
29 – Joey Ramone/Holiday
5– Jessie’s Diner
12 – Prospect
19 – Chrystal Crescent
26 – Polly’s Cove
3 – Jungle and Gros Poisson
10 – Sheet Harbour
17 – Chebucto Head/Chebucto Foot/Duncan’s Cove
24 – Lake and Satellite/Asteroids
31 – Thoughtful Spot
17 – Doghouse/Scrappy
14 – Area 51/Scoop/Mega
21 – Porcupine Fortress
28 – Memorial/Eggs/Godzilla

*Club Night is a great way to meet other climbers and stock up on shoes, pads, chalk etc. before the Thursday Night Bouldering Series starts!


*** NOTE: We understand these areas may not cater to everyone. Therefore, if it is necessary, we may change the destination without notice. Please try to be at the rotary before departure at 6:00pm so you are in the loop! ***


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Growing Youth Climbing Scene

The NEW Wall at North East Kings Education Center!!!

Blank Wall - NKEC


We built 406 square feet of climbing wall in 31 hours with 5 volunteers and the help of some O2 students, climbing youth and tech teachers.



The wall is 29 feet long and 14 feet high with a slab and multiple angles, prows and arêtes designed by Adam using Google Sketch Up. This climbing wall is an amazing addition to the school allowing kids another opportunity to stay fit. It is also a great tool for teachers to teach youth problem solving and team work, while helping youth to build confidence and have fun.


The Youth Comp/Grand Opening

End with holds

Finished and Freshly Set

On March, 23, 2014 seventeen youth descended on the NKEC’s new climbing wall to experience the 45 quality problems set by the volunteers the previous day.  These youth ranged in age from 8-18 years old but were all pulling hard.  Their goal was to get as many points as possible during their 3 hours of climbing and many of the youth climbed right to the end!  Thanks to the great sponsors every youth went away with a prize (or two).

A special thanks to all the parents for coming out and supporting your kids, we couldn’t put on these events without you!

Climbing Kids

Youth Attack!

The North East Kings Education Center Climbing Wall and the Youth Competitions could not have happened if it was not for the hard work and dedication by Adam Connor and the other volunteers.  Without their help, the construction, setting and supervision of climbers could not have happened. Thank you Phil, Bekah, Heather x2 and Chris.

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CNS wants YOU (to take a position on the executive)!

Do you have a vision for the future of climbing in Nova Scotia? Are you motivated to get other people active in the sport you love? Do you need to pad your resume with volunteer experience so you can get into a graduate program or maybe even get a job after university? Look no further!

CNS is accepting nominations for all executive positions for elections at the annual general meeting on Wednesday May 28 2014. If you are considering a place on the ballot, you must be nominated (or nominate yourself) by emailing We need people to run for Access Chair, Secretary, and Membership Coordintor as the incumbents are not running for re-election!

A typical CNS executive meeting

A typical CNS executive meeting

Please include your name, the position you are interested in, and a short summary (300 word maximum) of your qualifications and why you want to sit on the board. Nominations will not be accepted after 17 April 2014.

Positions and descriptions are as follows:

  • President – Ensure alignment of CNS activities with organizational goals and funding qualification criterion, draft meeting agendas, chair monthly meetings, delegate tasks, oversee financials, attend events, deal with government stakeholders, website posts, answer emails, (many) other duties as assigned.
  • Treasurer – Manage financials, prepare budget, retain records, steer spending toward targets, attend monthly executive meetings, website posts, answer emails, other duties as assigned.
  • Membership Coordinator – Retain up-to-date membership list, mail correspondence and membership cards, attend monthly executive meetings, website posts, answer emails, other duties as assigned.
  • Communications Representative – Handle external matters, book event venues, postering, advertisement campaigns, approach sponsors, primary email responder, attend monthly executive meetings, website posts, other duties as assigned.
  • Access Chair – Monitor all climbing area access issues, uphold excellent relationships with landowners, organize clean and climbs, organize and execute trail maintenance, attend monthly executive meetings, website posts, answer emails, other duties as assigned.
  • Diversity Liaison – Social outreach, engagement of new climbers and underrepresented groups, organize and attend events, attend monthly executive meetings, website posts, answer emails, other duties as assigned.
  • Secretary – Attend monthly executive meetings, record and distribute meeting minutes, website posts, answer emails, other duties as assigned.

Executive members (with the exception of President) all have a vote in major Climb Nova Scotia undertakings and are expected to exercise their right to vote when called upon. All executive positions are a 1 year term, except for President, which is 2 years in duration.

Executive members are not paid (except in pizza), and typically spend up to 5 hours a week on CNS activities when there’s nothing happening, and more when we are busy. President tends to be busier.

If you want to help with CNS but aren’t interested in sitting on the board please let us know. There’s plenty to do and we can always use volunteers for specific projects!

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Toprope day recap

To save everyone from the onset of the winter blues, CNS thought that we’d remind you of a greener, brighter day from the summer when tank tops weren’t just for masochists and people could complain about too much sun and still be taken seriously.

On June 22, after more than few rain delays, 16 men and women came out to Sorrows End to get a day of rope climbing in without the hassle of lugging gear and setting anchors. Michelle Lloyd and a host of volunteers put on CNS Top Rope day to provide a safe, welcoming setting for people new (and old) to the sport of rope climbing to come out and try their hand at the fantastic cracks and face climbs at Sorrows End. Volunteers provided demonstrations on rope management, belay techniques and general safety awareness throughout the day to help everyone climb as safely as possible.

Sorrow's TR Day 2013, photo by Kerrie

Sorrow’s TR Day 2013, photo by Kerrie

The day was a rousing success. Everyone involved had a great time and the more experienced climbers had the pleasure of helping one of the participants get on their first ever climb on real rock, which is always fun to watch as it reminds the rest of us about why we were so excited to climb in the first place. Its experiences like these that help solidify Climb Nova Scotia’s reputation as being welcoming and inclusive to climbers of all experience levels.

Thanks again to Michelle Lloyd, all of the other volunteers and most importantly all of the climbers that came out and made it such a successful event!